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Aukštos Kokybės Dirbtiniais Lapės kailiniai Rankogaliai Karšto Pardavimo Riešo Šilčiau Elegantiškas Fox Fur Manžetai Rankos Šilčiau Lady Apyrankę Dirbtiniais Kailiais Apyrankė Pirštinės 价格:¥288.00 抢到就是赚到 ¥ 25 价格:¥388.00 抢到就是赚到 ¥ 48 价格说明


指商品的专柜价、吊牌价、正品零售价、厂商指导价或该商品的曾经展示过的销售价等, 并非原价 ,仅供参考。


  • Sezonas: Žiemos
  • enkeyword 3: žiemos oversleeve
  • Lytis: Moteris
  • enkeyword 1: oversleeve rankos dangtis
  • Modelio Tipas: Kietas
  • Modelio Numeris: 0905
  • Departamentas Pavadinimas: Suaugusiųjų
  • Dydis: Faux Fox Fur
  • enkeyword 2: pirštinės oversleeves
  • Elemento Tipas: Rankos Šildytuvus
  • Medžiaga: Dirbtiniais Kailiais

  • Pakuotės Dydis: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 3.94in)
  • Įrenginio Tipas: gabalas
  • Pakuotės Svoris: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)

SKU: f669
I think the product itself was accurate, but this seller was terrible. I’ve never had a bad experience with an AliExpress seller until I encountered this one. First of all, don’t list a product if you don’t have it in stock. It’s false advertisement and it’s essentially stealing people’s money and wasting time. It took 2 weeks just for the seller to ship the item. Communication on their end was TERRIBLE!!! They got back to me only when they felt like it (about every 3-5 days). And when I requested a cancellation and a refund, they not only denied my request but took another week to send it. And then the seller lied and said that they would give me my money back or that it was a mistake on their end. I just think this was so terrible. 100% bad customer service, bad seller. The product itself has a bit of an odor a little. But I’m sure with some spray or if u wash it, it’ll be fine. But I really cannot believe how bad of a seller this company is. Like it’s so bad.
Gardi Mehmet
chic color is super! very lovely fur fluffy and even
Went a lot smoother this time! I’ll order again soon.

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